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  • S D Quattro

    Ultimate image quality.Ultimate camera.

    In developing any product, SIGMA always has a primary objective in mind: fundamental performance that gives everyone the opportunity to take the perfect photograph. Offering breathtaking resolution, rich gradations and colors, and exceptional realism, the Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor is a symbol of this never-ending pursuit of excellence. It delivers image quality so distinctively intense that even the temperature, humidity, and scent of a scene seem to impress themselves upon the viewer.


    Presenting the ultimate digital camera experience, the new SIGMA sd Quattro series leverages the image quality of the Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor to build a complete system compatible with all SIGMA GLOBAL VISION high-performance interchangeable lenses. The sd Quattro series allows photographers to express themselves with even more freedom and precision.


    Believing that the lens is the key to the photograph, SIGMA has created a new camera for the true photographic artist that leverages the power of high-quality lenses. Test its performance with your own hands and eyes—and be amazed.

     dp0  Quattro

             Ultra-minimal distortion. Introducing extreme dp.

    • A difficult-to-manufacture large-diameter
    • aspheric lens sits first in the optical series, reducing
    • distortion to less than 1%*
    • Such minimization is critical to ultra-wide-angle performance.

    Designed to deliver an even wider angle of view than the dp1 and ultra-minimal distortion, the dp0

    exemplifies the spirit of the dp Quattro series.

    With its ultra-wide angle lens (equivalent to 21mm on a 35mm camera),the dp0 goes beyond the wide-angle dp1 to deliver a 91° angle of view and breathtaking perspective.It unlocks the door to incredible ultra-wide photographic expression!At infinity focus

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