FeiyuTech G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


MODEL NO G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer.
Proudct Highlights
All in One Gimbal With the new strong magnetic and high torque brushless motor.
FeiyuTech G6 Max is able to compatible with Mirrorless Cameras.
The payload of G6 Max is increased up to 1.2Kg/2.65lb, but the size of G6 Max decreased by 20% compared to G6 Plus
The new designed Quick Release System can be used to assembled & disassembled camera with gimbal in several seconds. Bring the best detail experience!
The multi-functional “Magic Focus Ring” of G6 Max is upgraded to 2.0 and its sensitivity is increased by 25% compared G6 Plus
The screen now can display the parameters of gimbal and camera, the working mode, power consumption and Bluetooth connection, etc.
It also enables to set the “Inception”, “Instant Vertical Photography” and “Motion Time-lapse” with OLED screen, as well as to set gimbal “Strength setting”, “Camera Parameters”and other parameters.




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Scientific Design for A Comfortable Experience
Made of space-grade aluminum alloy,it is light in weight without losing texture.


Flexible Silicone
The handle design follows the ergonomic principle,comes with the flexible silicone on both sides makes the grip more comfortable and labor-saving.


Half A4 Paper Size
G6 Max stabilizer payload is increased,but the volume decreases by 20% compared with G6 Plus gimbal.Picking G6 Max gimbal up like a half A4 paper.When you go out and carry it,you can take it with one hand or pack it easily.


Long Battery Life Support Reverse Charge
G6 Max lasts for 9 hours to meet daily shooting needs.At the same time,it supports reverse charging to supply power for camera or smartphones to ensure normal shooting in case of an emergency.


Larger OLED Screen and Upgraded Interactive Experience
Equipped with a low-power OLED screen, the screen area is increased by 200% compared with G6 Plus, which more intuitively displays the parameters of gimbal and camera, current working mode, power consumption,Bluetooth connection,etc. It also supports the operation of “Inception”, “Instant Vertical Photography” and “Motion Time-lapse”, as well as setting “strength setting”, “hand wheel setting”, “camera parameters” bringing an excellent user experience.


Multi-function“Magic Focus Ring” 2.0, With Improved Sensitivity
The multi-function “Magic Focus Ring” is upgraded to 2.0 and its sensitivity is increased by 25%. It supports control of zoom/focus, three-axis rotation, and adjustment of parameters such as ISO, WB, and exposure values.


Splash-proof design for more shooting environments
The whole gimbal adopts waterproofing technology, which can will protect it from splashes and dust. Therefore, it can follow the photographer into a variety of complex shooting environments.


Max Payload: 1.2kg/2.65lb
Net Weight: 665g(include built-in battery, Not include the accessories of camera,smartphone adatper etc.)
Battery: 2200mAh,7.4V,Charge it via USB-C port on gimbal, Built-in battery can not be removed.
Battery Time: 9 hours(Successfully tested on 600g camera in show mode at well-balanced status)Battery time is depended on the actual payload.
Charging: Use USB C cable for charging via Type C port,Recommend using 5V/2A adapter for charging battery. Quick charging is forbidden.The charging indicator will flash at display when charging, and shows full charge symbol when fully charged.
Charging Time: Approx: 3 hours (5V/2A)
Water Proof Grade: Splash proof
Tilting Range: 280°(with limitation)
Rolling Range: 330°(with limitation)
Panning Range: 360°(Without limitation)
Extended Interface: 3 pcs 1/4inch thread hole(2 pcs at the left and right side of handle, 1pcs at the bottom of handle)


The size of compatible cameras for reference:
Camera height(include the height of viewfinder)≤105mm
The distance from screw hole to the right edge of camera ≤87mm
Maximum length at lens direction: about 125mm


Package Contents:
1 G6 Max
1 USB C Cable
1 Gopro Adapter
1 Long Screw
1 Smartphone Adapter
1 Sony Shutter Cable (Type C to Multi)
1 Shutter Release for Panasonic (TYPE C to DC2.5)
1 Tripod
1 EPP bag



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