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Phottix Softbox/Flash Strap Set


  • Small, very portable softbox for hot shoe flashes
  • Easy-fasten strap
  • Movable inner diffuser
  • Top vent for bouncing light


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The Phottix Strap and Softbox Set is an attachable folding softbox for a hot shoe flash.


The Phottix Strap and Softbox Set is an easy-to-use portable softbox. Using the included strap, the folding softbox easily attaches to most popular hot shoe flashes.


Simple to set-up, it can create diffused lighting in situations where large scale set-ups are unnecessary. The 22 x 16cm softbox (10”) has a moveable inner diffuser to allow greater control over the lighting. It includes a top vent for bouncing light. Easy to use on camera, hand-held or attached to a stand.


Phottix Flash Softboxes take moments to assemble and fold away simply and flatly for easy transportation or storage.