Joby Beamo™ Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit


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Beamo™ Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit

One-stop YouTube home studio lighting kit with LED key light and background light

One-stop lighting kit includes key light and background light
Create engaging contents with the soft, easy-on-eyes key light
12 background light color options to make your videos stand out
Flexible GorillaPod® Arm for easy phone angling and framing
Easy control of the key light by the supplied cable remote.


1 Year Warranty


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All you need to light up your first YouTube home studio.


The Beamo™ Studio Deluxe Lighting Kit is a one-stop lighting solution for your home video studio including a key light and a colour background light to get your channel started.


Create engaging content with the easy-on-eyes Beamo™ Studio Key Light. Built-in Soft-Lens light diffusion ensures you will get the best image quality for your talking head videos. 10 brightness levels and 3 colour temperatures can be controlled by the supplied cable remote which also magnetically attaches to the base of the table stand.


The table stand allows the key light to tilt and be raised to the ideal height (68-95cm/27-37”) for the shoot. The phone mount is supported by a flexible GorillaPod® Arm for easy angling and framing. Cold shoes can be found on the key light and the phone mount if you wish to add a Wavo™ mic to improve audio quality.


Finally, make your videos stand out by adding colour to your background with the multi-angle, 10 brightness levels and 12 colours adjustable Beamo™ Studio Background Light.


Both lights are USB-powered. Simply add your phone or camera to start creating and quickly grow your audience.