K&F Square ND1000 + GND8 + Metal Square Filter Holder Set

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ND1000 Square Filter multi-resistant coating technology significantly reducing lens flare and ghosting while making the filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.

ND1000 filter provides 10 f-stop reductions and is made with premium Germany Optics glass.

Primary color optical glass ND1000- double parabolic mirror.

Glass mirrors with no double throw, especially those with longer focal length, are blurred.

Scratch Resistant The filter anti-scratch, water repellent, oil & dust resistant fit for the rigors of adventure photography.

Primary color glass coating Water droplets are round.

Other lenses Water droplets scattered.

Double-sided Anti-reflective Coating By double-sided multi-layer anti-reflective coating, the reflected light can
be reduced to below 0.4% to eliminate the influence on imaging.

Multi-layer Coating Low Reflectivity Reduce glare caused by diffuse reflection.



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ND1000 effectively prevents more than light, interferes with the viewfinder, guarantees the quality of picture shooting, and can play a certain dust-proof and waterproof function, which is very suitable for shooting scenery.


The material of the filter is top-level optical glass, which adopts double-sided multi-layer enhanced coating, which can effectively reduce the surface reflection of the filter. It greatly reduces the glare caused by the reflection of the outer line of the long-exposure lens and ensures first-class image quality.


Soft gradient GND8 square filter, the size is square 100x150mm, the product weight is 47.5g, the lens thickness is 2mm, the applicable lens diameter is 98mm and below, the light reduction is 3 gears (0.9), the transmittance is 12.5%, The reflectivity is 1.5%. The GND8 square plate has an excellent anti-reflective rate. The anti-reflective rate of the same level in the industry is only 2%, and the plastic resin is as high as 4.5%.


The material of the 100mm system filter holder is made of aviation aluminum through CNC-integration processing, and the surface is black frosted and oxidized.


Included 49/52/58/62/67/72/77/82, seven adapters, perfectly matched with the lens.