Kodak R7 20″ Ring Light With Remote, Mirror & Handle



20′” SMD LED
Adjustable Power Output
Flexible Smartphone Holder
Dimmable LED
Low Heat Output
Dual Input Power Options Battery/Adapter”








The KODAK R7 Ring Light is an ideal product for modern make-up artists, photographers, videographers, YouTubers, and photography enthusiasts. It improves the overall appearance of a subject by enhancing facial features by highlighting eyes. The Kodak R7 Ring Light ensures a perfectly diffused light on the subject and makes the subject lighting evenly soft and gets rid of any annoying shadows. The round design also highlights the eyes making the pictures and videos livelier. The KODAK R7 Ring Light is equipped with dual Color Dimmable LED. The LED Color can be changed from a cool color temperature to a warm color temperature with the help of the adjusting knob to suit the requirement of the subject and lighting. Also, the light intensity adjustment knob can be used to adjust the light according to the shooting environment. The Ring Light comes in an ideal 20” size and with a Smartphone holder to get the ideal videos and selfies from your smartphones. Its handle allows you to hold the light without curtaining the light panel, and set the light in odd angles where stands can not reach. Equipped with a high-quality mirror for close-up make-up artistry. This ring light is perfect for all-around applications!