MagMod Professional Flash Kit 2


Model Number MMPROKIT02
Product highlights

Lightweight portable design
Compatible with most flashes
For Pro-grade flash control
Quick easy attachment


Warranty: 1 year



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Get ready to level up your flash photography game with the MagMod Professional Flash Kit! Included in the kit you’ll get all of MagMod’s most popular game-changing modifiers including the MagSphere, MagGrid, MagBounce, Correction Pro Gels, and the MagGrip 2 to attach it all quickly to your flash. With these powerful magnetic modifiers, you can easily shape and control the light to get that perfect shot. No more fussing with velcro or adhesives – the quick and easy MagMod system means you’ll spend less time setting up and more time creating stunning images. The lightweight, portable design makes it perfect for on-the-go photography. It’s time to control and color light like a boss with the Professional Flash Kit.


What’s included,
1 x MagGrip 2

Our patented magnetic grip forms the base of the MagMod system.


1 x MagSphere 2

Instantly transforms your flash into a beautifully diffused, omnidirectional light source.


1 x MagGrid 2

Control where your light goes with this virtually indestructible silicone grid


1 x MagBounce 2

The ultimate bounce modifier for photographers who demand simplicity, functionality, and stunning results


1 x Pro Correction Gels

Our rigid, polycarbonate, magnetic correction gels. They are the fastest, easiest, and most versatile gel system available for photographers today.


Total Light Control
MagMod’s redesign of the MagGrid 2 is a game-changer for photographers! This innovative accessory is now sleeker and more compact than ever before, without sacrificing any of the modifying magic that MagMod is known for. It’s also now optimized for use with round-head flashes, as well as many other styles of speedlight flashes. The MagGrid 2 is now lighter and smaller, making it an essential addition to any photographer’s toolkit.