MagMod Starter Kit 2


Three most popular MagMod Modifiers
Magnetic, stackable design for easy use
Perfect for beginners and professionals alike
Essential kit for off-camera flash

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The MagMod Starter Kit is the perfect introduction to the world of off-camera flash photography. It includes everything you need to take your lighting to the next level: the MagGrip, MagGrid, and MagSphere. Thanks to MagMod’s innovative, magnetic, stackable design, these accessories can be easily attached and detached from your flash, allowing you to create diffused, directional, or focused light in seconds.

Give Your Flash a Superpower
The MagGrip 2 is a durable silicon band with two super strong neodymium magnets embedded inside it. After stretching the MagGrip over your flash you will now open up the possibility to attach any MagMod modifier to your flash instantly, thereby opening up a whole new world of creative flash control. It all starts with the MagGrip 2.

Level up your photography skills
Whether you’re an experienced pro or a novice new to photography, you’re sure to find some helpful tips in growing library of videos.

Here’s just a few videos to help you get the most out of photography!

Warranty 1 year