Product Highlights

For Straps up to 2.5″ Wide & 0.87″ Thick
Withstands Forces up to 200 lb
Quick Release Button for Instant Access
Arca-Type Compatible QR Plate
Slim Profile: 3.3″ Length, Weighs 3 oz
Security Lock Helps Prevent Accidents
Anti-Slip Pad for Improved Stability
Rust-Resistant Aluminum Construction
Works with Most Other Peak Design Plates
Optional Plates for GoPro, Lenses, etc.


Life Time Warranty


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This black Clip for Capture v3 from Peak Design serves as a replacement part or as an additional support point for the Capture v3 harness system. By equipping more than one bag or strap with Capture clips, you can carry several cameras at once or switch between the two clips easily for comfortable and versatile use. Note that a plate is not included with this product, and must be purchased separately in order to carry equipment.


Keeping a slim profile at only 3.3″ in length and weighing just 2.5 oz, the clip uses included thumbscrews or hex-head bolts to clamp onto any strap or belt as wide as 2.5″ and as thick as 0.87″. It is made of weatherproof aluminum to resist rust and is designed to withstand up to 200 lb of force. The clip is equipped with a quick release button so you can instantly grab your camera and start shooting, and it has a security lock that can be activated to prevent accidental release during longer trips. For enhanced stability, an anti-slip pad is used on the back plate for grip. All legacy Peak Design plates work with the Capture v3 clip except for the DUALplate v1, allowing you to carry objects such as lenses, binoculars, or GoPro cameras with optional accessories.


Replacement or additional clip for Capture v3 system, plate must be purchased separately in order to carry equipment


Made entirely of rust-resistant aluminum and designed to withstand up to 200 lb of force


Fits straps or belts up to 2.5″ wide, and as thick as 0.63″ with thumbscrew bolts or up to 0.87″ thick with hex-head bolts


Anti-slip pad for better grip on the mounting surface, increasing stability


Quick release button for swift and easy access to camera


Security lock prevents accidental release for safety during longer excursions


Slim design with a length of 3.3″ and a weight of 2.5 oz


Compatible with all Peak Design plates except for the DUALplate v1, allowing for objects such as GoPro, lenses, and binoculars to be used with optional accessories