Phottix Kali50 LED Light

AED650 AED390


Product Highlights:

Maximum brightness of 1800Lux (50W) output
Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) via 2.4G remote control with 3 groups and 40 channels
Excellent color rendering – CRI 96+ (TLCI 98+)
Digital Brightness and Temperature Control
AC adapter and 2 x Sony-compatible battery (not included battery)
Durable aviation-grade Aluminum shell.




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Phottix Kali Series – Kali50 LED build-in Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) features the remote control and remains committed to the latest in Flicker-free LED technology and leading color high accuracy of CRI96+ with 300pcs warm color and 300pcs cool color LED bulbs (3200K-5600K). it provides a maximum brightness of 1800Lux (50W) output power in a durable aviation-grade aluminum shell.

Dimmable color temperature and brightness with the two parameters can be adjusted from the Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) easy to set up the lighting only via one 2.4G wireless remote control and R3 II control panel within A/B/C groups and 40 channels, Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) compatible with Nuada R4 II and Nuada R3 II LED light.

The Kali50 is powered by two Sony-compatible NP Series batteries (Not included) for use on the go, Barndoors, and AC adapter with EU, US, and UK plug are included.


Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) compatible with :

Phottix Nuada R4 II LED Light :
81481 (EU) 81482 (US) 81483 (UK) 81484 (AU)
81428 Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light Twin Kit Set
81429 Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light
81443 Phottix Kali50 LED Light


What’s included
1. Kali50 LED Panel
2. Remote control
3. AC Adapter
4. EU plug
5. US plug
6. UK plug
7. SAA plug