SmallRig RC 120B Bi-color Point-Source Video Light 3616

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Product Highlights
Model no RC 120B
Easy to assemble and disassemble umbrella lighting accessories featuring built-in umbrella holes
Barrier-free 270° tilt adjustment
A built-in display screen on the fixture shows brightness, power remaining, AC power supply connected, wireless frequency, and FX mode
Compact and portable, the fixture comes with a durable canvas storage bag that has a precision-molded insert to hold the light, a standard cover, and a power cable for easy storage and protection during transport.




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 Users and scenarios: Living streaming, V-log, Wedding, Documentary film, TVC

RC 120B, the first generation point-source LED light of SmallRig. With the latest COB technology and SmallRig’s industrial design excellence, the RC120B is unique. With the included high-reflectance hyper reflector, at a distance of 1 meter (3.3 ft.), the center illuminance reaches 52,800 lux at 5600K, Far beyond the same level of products on the market. High color fidelity, CRI 95+, TLCI 96+. Standard Bowens mount allows it to compatible with more light-control accessories. 9 built-in light effects “Paparazzi, Firework, Lightning, Fault Bulb, TV, Breath, Flash, Party, Flame”and brightness can be remotely controlled by SmallGoGo.

1. The 4 SKUs only have different plug specifications
2. 3471-US, 3615-EU, 3616-UK, 3617-AU