Vanguard Vesta Aspire 41 Backpack Grey


MODEL NO Vesta Aspire 41

Product Highlights
The VESTA Aspire 41 is the ideal compact, lightweight and stylish daypack for a DSLR or CSC (Compact System Camera) with medium lens attached, 4-5 additional lenses, flash, accessories, a travel tripod, and personal essentials such as wallet, phone, water bottle.


Weighs just 770g
External dimensions 255 × 220 × 465mm
Rear access, but can be adapted for top access to your camera
Well-padded all round to keep your kit safe
Well organized with multiple pockets for all essentials
Secure full zip closure
Functionality that doesn’t compromise on design
Transforms into an everyday bag by removing the inserts
This great-looking backpack will help you explore your world in style.




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Weighing just 770g, the VESTA Aspire 41 is a stylish, lightweight camera backpack that is ideal for DSLR/mirrorless cameras, with 4-5 lenses, a travel tripod, and accessories, while still having a day-pack section above for personal kit (or more camera kit).


Access to the full camera kit is from the rear for maximum security, but the day-pack section above can be removed to allow the backpack to be set up for fast top access to your camera.


This backpack features two expanding side pockets to carry a travel tripod and a water bottle.


For accessories, the front flap can be unzipped, hold essential paperwork and other bits and pieces. Alternatively, the spacious top day-pack section can be used.


The shoulder harness is well padded with a well-padded back, but no waist strap to hang loose as you travel. There is also a sturdy top handle that allows you to pick up the bag with ease.


All-in-all, this is a great value camera backpack, that is lightweight and looks great. Designed to help you explore your world.




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