VISICO VS-765 TTL Wireless Flash Speedlite For Canon/Nikon


Model No                                       VS-765
Type                                                On-camera
Compatible cameras                   Canon/Nikon cameras (ETTL autoflash)
Guide No                                       58(at 105mm flash coverage, ISO100 in meter)
Color Temperature                      5600±200K
Flash Duration                             1/10000s
Exposure control system            ETTL autoflash, manual flash, stroboscopic flash
Manual flash                                 1/128-1/1 (1/3-stop increment)
Stroboscopic flash                        Up to 100times, 199Hz
Recycling time                              4.5s
Frequency                                      2.4GHz wireless radio transmission
Channel                                         CH.1-16
Wireless radio ID                         1-30
Slave unit control                         Up to 3 Groups (A,B,C)




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Powerful function. Support TTL flash, manual flash, strobe flash, 1/8000s high-speed sync, front-curtain sync, and rear-curtain sync.2.4GHz frequency, effective trigger distance of about 25m/82ft, and it can be used as both main light and slave light, supporting for three groups of A/B/C and 4 channels.With an AF assist lamp, which increases the likelihood of successful focusing in low light or low contrast conditions. When it is difficult to focus, the red focus light will automatically on to help autofocus.


Flash coverage can be set to auto-zoom and manual zoom, which ranges from 24 to 105 mm. A built-in wide-angle diffuser enables flash shooting with ultra-wide-angle lenses up to 14 mm wide.


Flash output power range from 1/1 to 1/128, the color temperature of 5600k ± 200K, widely applicable to portrait photography, wedding photography, event photography, travel photography, still life photography, etc.


Compatible Canon Models:1D3/1D4/1DX/450D/ 5D2/5D3/5D4/5DS/ 6D/6D2/600D/7D/ 7D2/70D/700D/750D /80D/800D/1500D/200D


Compatible Nikon Models : D4/D600/D610/D700/ D750/D7000/D7100/ D7500/D800/D810/D90



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Canon, Nikon


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