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Model No 23MM F1.4 DC DN Fuji Mount
Designed for crop sensor mirrorless
Classic wide-angle focal length (35mm equivalent)
Ultra-fast F1.4 maximum aperture
Outstanding low-light performance
Superb sharpness at all apertures
Minimizes optical aberrations
Quiet and fast stepping motor
Dust and splash resistant mount
Minimized flare and ghosting
Compatible with Lens Aberration Correction


1 Year International Warranty


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A prime lens like a longtime friend

The wide-angle lens ideal for APS-C mirrorless cameras
joins the Contemporary line.
High optical performance, F1.4 brightness,
and compact enough to carry around every day.

With an easy-to-use angle of view of 35mm*, high optical performance, the brightness of a large F1.4 aperture, and a compact and lightweight lens body, SIGMA’s experience accumulated in the Contemporary line has culminated in a lens that is ideal for use with APS-C mirrorless cameras. The lens offers excellent resolution from maximum aperture and the rich bokeh effects thanks to its F1.4 brightness. The lens demonstrates its descriptive power in a wide range of applications, including landscapes, portraits, and tabletop photography. In order to take advantage of the high mobility of mirrorless cameras, compactness of the lens body was also pursued. The SIGMA’s Contemporary lineup includes several compact and lightweight F1.4 prime lenses in the APS-C format, which are surprisingly compact to carry around. If you want to keep your equipment light and small, but not compromise on image rendering performance, this lens is sure to meet your needs, and will be a lens you will never want to let go.



Large aperture F1.4 brightness and excellent resolution from maximum aperture

The SIGMA 23mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary has an easy-to-use angle of view equivalent to 35mm in 35mm format, as well as the brightness of a large F1.4 aperture and high descriptive power. The optics is composed of 13 elements in 10 groups, including 3 SLD glass elements and 2 aspherical lens elements, to achieve sharp, clear images. The lens delivers excellent resolving power from the maximum aperture. Furthermore, the large F1.4 aperture allows for large, beautiful bokeh effects. The compact, palm-size body allows you to enjoy the rich descriptive power of mirrorless cameras. Careful countermeasures against flare and ghosting enable clear shooting even in backlit environments.


Compact body optimized for
APS-C mirrorless cameras

To take advantage of the mobility of APS-C mirrorless cameras, the lens body is compact and lightweight, with a weight of 340g*, length of 76.9mm*, and filter diameter of 52mm. At the same time, the quality of the lens body itself has not been compromised. The high-precision machining technology of SIGMA’s sole production facility in Aizu, Japan, has enabled the lens body to achieve the ideal balance between excellent optical performance based on the latest optical and mechanical design and compactness. The AF drive system uses a quiet, high-speed stepping motor. The latest algorithm enables quick focusing for easy shooting.

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