YNLUX100 Handheld bi-color temperature fill-in light


Light and bright, more even lights
Adjustable Color temperature Constant power

3200K-5600K color temperature, with a constant intensity output power at 100W

Dual 100W drive circuit design: 100W drives warm color LED, 100W drives white LED

High lumen lamp beads, high brightness,high CRI

YNLUX100 adopts multi-chip design, more chips are applied under the equal power, which greatly improves the lighting efficiency.

133 lumens per watt

CRI(Color Rendering Index) RA≥95

Equipped with standard 55°reflector, YNLUX100 creates even lighting, which is suitable for angle requirements of handheld shooting.

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Lightweight, portable for outdoors

New appearance, new structure

YNLUX100 adopts brand new appearance design, which is more in line with the user’s use habits, and the air channel for heat dissipation is designed more reasonably.

YNLUX100 runs at full power, with a constant temperature at 70 degrees, which guarantees the service life of the product.

With smooth air channel design, the noise does not exceed 25dB, which brings you an immersive shooting experience.

Note: The fans can be manually turned off. Its noise will be reduced to 0 and its power will be reduced to 20W.

Full metal structure

The internal main structure, lamp head heat dissipation bracket and the connecting stressed components all adopt metal design.

The outer coverage adopts environmentally friendly plastic, and the weight of the light is within 699g.

Simple Operation, more practical functions

Ergonomic design

YNLUX100 is equipped with ergonomically designed battery handle, and the battery is placed reasonably, which provides comfortable hold feeling and keeps gravity balance.

Light stand port is reserved at the bottom, which is more convenient for you to use.

Note: The KIT version includes NP-F series battery handle, while you can choose to purchase the V-mount series battery handle separately.

Inertial adjustment design

Brand new design with inertial adjustment knob is different from the traditional step-by-step adjustment.

With a slight move, you can slide to the brightness you need.

Power selection button

Power adjustment button is newly added, including standard mode and enhanced mode, which adapts to more batteries with different performance.

You can choose the mode based on your battery performance. If you choose performance batteries, you can adjust it to enhanced mode.

Note: 30W in Standard mode; 60W in Enhanced mode ; 100W with 24V V-mount battery . For more details, please refer to the user manual.

YONGNUO wireless control system

With built-in YONGNUO LED wireless control system and YONGNUO scenes modes, YNLUX100 can save a variety of values under different channels, add multiple lights and multiple different channels, and it can quickly adjust and save the data, which is convenient for you to use next time.

Product Specification

Light Source

1 COB lamp bead

Color Temperature

Bi-color: 3200K-5600K; White:5600K

Output Power

LED: 100W

Illuminance Value

(With standard reflector)







External Battery

2pcs NP-F Series batteries

(need to be purchased separately)

External Power Source

DC 19V 5A

Package Size


Product Size


Remote Control Distance

Less than 15M

Average Service Life


Luminance Angle


Contents: Video Light(1), Power Adapter(1), Standard Reflector (1), Handheld Bracket(1), Portable Case(1)

*The temperature displays on the screen is the working temperature of COB lamp bead.


1 year warranty